PLN Tests Electricity Project from Garbage Briquettes

005699300_1498106740-Petugas_PLN, Jakarta – PT PLN (Persero) continues to push for the national electrification ratio including in rural areas. One of the ideas developed by the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) is Community Electricity.

PLN Corporate Planning Director Nicke Widyawati explained, the idea of ​​Community Electricity can be a solution for electricity in remote areas, especially in Eastern Indonesia. People’s electricity is a hybrid method of generating renewable energy through the gasification process of waste briquettes and PV solar panels.

“With the idea of ​​Popular Electricity, the target of 25 percent implementation of new and renewable energy in 2025 can be realized,” he explained. Currently PLN is developing a pilot project for community electricity in two locations, namely Gunaksa Village, Klungkung district, Bali and Benoa Village, South Kuta sub-district, Badung district, Bali.

The People’s Electricity pilot project will be inaugurated to coincide with the commemoration of the 2017 National Electricity Day. By implementing Community-based Electricity, the distribution of electricity in Indonesia, especially in rural areas, can be realized quickly.

In addition, because of their people’s nature, the community can become PLN’s partners in realizing national energy security and provide opportunities for the community to produce electricity and sell it in both off-grid and on-grid schemes.

According to the General Manager of PLN  Bali Distribution Sandika Aflianto explained, PLN fully supports the idea of ​​Community Electricity which carries the concept of distributed generation with the philosophy of building 1 MW in 1000 locations the same as building 1000 MW in 1 location.

Sandika explained, the idea of ​​Community Electricity is very relevant to a number of problems in Bali. The first is the waste problem because Bali is a tourist center. The second is the problem of rural electricity that has not yet been electrified and is in the TK II category where the system is radial. So, there are still power outages if there is maintenance of the power grid.

The originator of People’s Electricity, Supriadi Legino explained that People’s Electricity has 4 main objectives, namely: First, to electrify isolated areas, including the outermost islands and borders, and to overcome electricity crisis areas. The second helps the government’s efforts to save on the use of fuel and fossil fuels.

The third helps overcome the problem of waste disposal, especially for urban communities. The fourth is empowering small entrepreneurs in each region to become private electricity entrepreneurs in mutual cooperation and creating jobs in the electricity sector for people at the village level.

Fifth, People’s Electricity offers the option of developing a mini IPP quickly because it can be carried out simultaneously in these villages with a cheap investment but with sustainable development results (sustainability development).

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